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Minimalist Design House Floor Option 1 A New Family

For those of you who are planning to build a house or renovate the house. You should think carefully. Prepare first concept house like what you want. Because, the choice ranging from simple, minimalist, modern, up to luxury you can make a complementary concept. Look for references to get around the city or residential complex. Take a few sample images as material for your concept.

Minimalist House Design Photos 1 Floor Type 36 Latest

Once concepts and reference material has been available. We recommend that you check the location of the land that you will occupy for the construction of your residential home. If you have a small area, you should prepare a minimalist home design 1 floor. However, if you land adequate enough or have sufficient area. Choose the design minimalist house with a larger size with a fancy or modern concept.

Once the location has been resolved, now switch kepersoalan funds. For this one issue would require careful calculation. Preparation of funds should also be adjusted with the concept of your home later. If, choice land you just enough to make a minimalist home design 1 floor. You do not need to spend quite a lot of money for its construction. Because, minimalist house 1 floor does have a simple design, simple, and small. Meanwhile, if you have enough land, and allows to build a house with a more modern design and luxury. Of course, the funds that you need is also quite large. Because, a large house would require a lot of materials and properties. Dikeluarkanpun costs will certainly drain your pockets deeper.

However, if you are a new family. The right choice is a minimalist house design 1 floor. Although you are indeed vast land. But, minimalist home design one floor should be made as early where you can later expand renovation or if you have an extra family. By using minimalist home design one floor foundation should all be made to be able to add the concept of 2 floors. The roof of the house does not need to use the roof in general. Use a wall that will be used as flooring for your 2 storey home. The 2nd floor is made ​​of walls you can also use as a place to relax with family.

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