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gadang traditional house

House Gadang

Gadang homes have diverse names according to shape, size, and style and style kelarasan LUHAK. According to its shape, it is commonly referred to as custom homes, home or home gonjong bagonjong (bergonjong house), because of the bergonjong pointy roof lifted. If according to the size, it depends on the number lanjarnya. Continuum is steps from the front to the back. While the space from left to right in rows called space. Continued two houses named lipek pandan (pandan fold). Lipek generally wear two gonjong pandan. Continued three houses called Balah bubuang (on cam). Roof bergonjong four. Continued whereas four maharam called elephant (the elephant down). Normally elephants maharam wear gonjong six or more.

According kelarasan style, home gadang flow Piliang Koto called sitinjau lauik. Both ends of the house is beranjung, which is a small room floor is higher. Because beranjung, it is also called home baanjuang (home barpanggung). While home and Bodi flow Caniago gadang usually called home. The building is not beranjung or terraced houses and flow as Koto Piliang, like that found in LUHAK Mansion and LUHAK Fifty Koto.

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