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best color for house design

Before doing work decorating the house, you must be wondering, what will be the outcome. If it missed just choose determines what you already have or what is still needed to complete this project.

Here are some facto that can support the use of paint color for your interior:

1 Lighting
Before choosing a color, consider first the light entering your home. More suitable for bright colors or light. If you want the room look bright and airy better choose a lighter color, but if you want to look dramatically better choose a more striking color of the walls.

2 Room temperature
Room temperature should also be considered, whether the space feel warm or cold? We have to choose the color according to the temperature of the room. If you want to choose a color with shades of warm colors such as red, pink, yellow, copper, gold, and beiges, and if you want to select the color with shades of cool colors such as greens, teals, aquas, blues, violet, and gray.

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