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bed room design luxury minimalis

This aat, minimalist bedroom design in great demand because the bedroom will look more clean and tidy. Typically, minimalist bedroom size measuring only 3 x 3 meters and it is a standard size. Room size is small, but to make it appear more spacious is also not so difficult. The thing to watch is the height of the roof of the room. Minimalist bedroom design should have a high roof so that the impression of a more spacious look. 

Bedroom Design Luxury Minimalist White Color Concept Minimalist Bedroom Design Concept Black Color 

The use of color in minimalist bedroom design also uses neutral colors, bright or soft. However, you should use white paint as it will cause widespread impression. But if you do not want to bother painting the walls, wallpaper wall can use as a more practical and effective. Selection of wallpaper bedroom wall should also be adjusted with the color of the furniture in order to align. Motifs and patterns also should not be too crowded and use neutral colors so that the impression of a more spacious look. Due to the design of minimalist themed bedroom, then the use of the furniture was also not too much.

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